Seth Newman
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Seth is the writer whose autobiography Erica championed to be the first book published by 50/50 Press. His story is very adventurous: raised in a cult, Seth found the strenght to run away.

However things are not so simple. When Erica accompanies Camilla to a wig shop to help her address a regret, she sees a bearded Seth Newman with a customer. Erica finds out that his real name is Simon Nighberg and he is an Orthodox Jew, so the The Purple Door is actually a complete fabrication.

Seth’s agent, Leslie, suggests they publish the book anyway. Even if the truth comes out, they can always spin it to their advantage. However Erica and Julienne are not ready to lose their integrity for a liar.

Meanwhile Doctor Tom, after reprimanding Erica about how they cannot change the past with their powers, goes back in time to see Seth moments before he’s to sign a contract with Erica and Julianne. He says that if Seth does this hateful thing it will be something he’ll later regret.

Thanks to Dr. Tom’s intervention, the future changed: Erica lost The Purple Door to River Rock. That action got Brent fired and made Leslie a bit of a persona non grata in the publishing world. Now 50/50’s first book is The Fixer Upper. It looks like Erica and Julianne are quite successful.

However Erica forces Dr. Tom to put her life back the way it was. In the end, she feeds 50/50 Press copy of The Purple Door into the shredder.