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Kai Booker
Name Kai Booker
Age 32
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Dirty Blonde
Professional Status
Occupation Professional Musician (Singer)
Personal Status
Series Information
First Appeared Season 2, Episode 1
Portrayer Sebastian Pigott


In Season 2, we are introduced to Kai Booker. Kai is a troubled man who is from the future working on a regret: Travis, his best friend who commited suicide. Instead of fixing the regret, he stays in the past and becomes a barista at Goblins, a local coffee shop.

Kai doesn't like his therapy, especially his therapist, Dr. Fred. Throughout Season 2, he develops feelings for Erica. At the end of the Season 2 he discovers to let go of Travis and return to 2019.

In Season 3, Kai returns to give Erica a glimpse of her on mortality. He later returns to 2010 on a regret and ends up sleeping with Erica .

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