Ivan Frankel
Name Ivan Frankel
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Internet café employee
Personal Status
Marital Status Unknown, Broke up(Erica Strange)
Series Information
First Appeared Season 1 Episode 12
Portrayer Jonas Chernick

Ivan Frankel also referred as IF (Portrayed by Jonas Chernick), was Erica's colleague and boyfriend.[1]


Ivan has a very unusual personality, Erica finds him very sweet and kind but a little wierd, simular to Fiona Watt. He has a great computer skills as he works at an Internet café. He has a huge fantasy which he expresses by LARP'ing, where he changes into a fictional character and stay's in that role, Ivan referes it as "make believe". He's character, personizes a strong, brave and confident leader type character, the exact opposite of Ivan's real personality. He's likes to LARP, becuase that's the only time he can show the real him, and not a tech-geek, which he refers to as himself. [2]


Season 1Edit

Ivan appears in one of Erica's session in which she goes back to 2001 and break up with him face-to-face.

He makes his first appearance at the internet café when Erica accidantly broke a computer. Ivan tells her not to worry and that he will fix it. He then reminds her of there 10 day anniversery, he then tells her that he's going to a Vampire LARP. Erica interrups him telling him she wants to talk, but Ivan doesn't let her. He shows her his bloodstaff and swings it at her, Erica manages to dodge it, he tells her she's a natural warrior, Erica really wants talk to him, but again Ivan doesn't let her finish. He explains about LARP'ing, Erica wonders why he does it, he tells her that its fun and tells her that she will join aswell. He shows her a picture of herself, he calls her Colliape, thats the role Erica will be playing. she asks him where he found this picture of herself, he tells her he made it with a webcame when she wasn't looking. He gives her a cape and a card which indicates her status. He explains the card and her powers and then takes a role of a character with apparently is an nosferatu. He frightens Erica a little and pulls her down telling her to kneel, after that he stops. Erica asks him to join her for food outside and he agrees.

They walk down the street, Ivan talking about his character. Erica tells him she needs to talk, she then tells him that their relationship isn't right for her. Ivan is a little hurt but then he agrees, he still wonders if she wants to LARP. Erica tells him that she doesn't. Ivan understands and says that he has to work so he leaves.

After Erica has dinner with Ethan and Claire, she figures that she does have to go LARP with Ivan, so she goes.

Erica goes to a club, where she meets Ivan, who welcomes her into the underworld. When time passes by Erica meets with Ivan's subordinates,Magda and Seven, they talk about their ongoing battle with their enemy leandra they must get the other half of the rune to win. Ivan tells her that she needs to change herself and she does. After that, Erica decides to take the rune from Leandra, but she send's her guard to attack Erica, Ivan saves her and tells her that she can't just take the rune from her, but that she has to battle her. The troops decide to battle at the graveyard. Ivan gives a speech to his people and starts the battle. After a while, Ivan returns to Erica. Leandra chased after Ivan and battle him, Ivan gets hit by lots of strikes and tells Erica that he needs her to heal him. She fails and Ivan gets killed by Leandra. The troops and Leandra move out. Ivan is dissapointed in Erica, he tells her that he's showing who he really is and that he likes that character, instead of Ivan the tech-geek, he tells her that no one is judging her but herself and leaves.

Back at the club, Erica meets up with Ethan and Claire. She talks for a bit and tells them that she has to do something. She walks towards Leandra, who tells her guard to kill her. Erica turns herself in a nosferatu. She intimidates Leandra, but Leandra fights back and evantually kills Erica. Ivan walks towards her and tells her she did a good job, Erica apoligizes, he tells her that it's okay and that he'll se her around.[3]


  • (to Erica):Welcome to the Underworld
  • One night every couple of weeks I get to hang out with my friends and bring out the person who I really am, not "Ivan the tech-geek" or "Ivan the girl retard who got dumped today". See I get to be me, I can show the world parts of Ivan Frankel that nobody ever imagined he possessed, like strenght and bravery, confidence. But you, you only see the surface, you see duck-taped weapons or geeks running around playing make believe.
  • You where emberrased to heal me, who here would judge you, the only one judging you is yourself.


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