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It's Christmas and Julianne and Erica are ho-ho-hosting a 50/50 Press holiday party at Goblins.

Gary calls Erica and asks her to come home, because it's the first night of Hanukkah. However, Erica tells him she can't because of the party she's hosting.

Adam is at the party, but is not feeling the Christmas spirit. In fact, for him Christmas brings back bad family memories. Erica tries to cheer him up and forces him to take a picture with Ivan, dressed up as Santa, but after the picture he simply leaves Goblins. Erica feels sorry for him and doesn't know what to do to give him a perfect Christmas.
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Dr. Tom listens to her dilemma and sends her back to Julianne's past. Erica finds herself being Julianne a few years younger and it's Christmas time. She has trouble with her sister Georgie who is always making fun of her.

When the Giacomelli family is reunited at the Christmas tree, Erica/ Julianne gives Georgie a present which is nothing less than a rock with the word Tolerance. Georgie starts arguing with her over the fact that the rock is nothing but a way of Julianne telling her that she's intolerant. Julianne's mother is also upset with her husband because he bought her a grill for Christmas.

Later, in church, Erica has to sing a Christmas song, but she simply doesn't know the melody and her voice is terrible. Georgie feels sorry for her and helps her singing the song. Their parents watch them thrilled that their two kids are finally getting closer.

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After that, Erica is sent back to her past, when she was only a child. Sam asks her mother to take a picture with Santa at a shop and Gary disapproves, because they're Jewish. He also tries to tell their kids the story of Judah, the Lion, but Leo refuses to listen to him. Gary gets upset and feels like his family doesn't care about their religion. But Erica talks to him and tells him that he shouldn't feel that way, because what matters is that they're together, as a family.

After the talk, Erica realises the true meaning of the holidays and decides that it's time to apply it in her live. But how is she going to do it?


With Julianne's family.