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Erica Strange
Name Erica Strange
Age 35
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation 50/50 Press
Personal Status
Marital Status Adam Fitzpatrick (Dating)
Relatives Gary Strange (Father)
Barbara Strange (Mother)
Samantha Strange

Daniel (brother, put up for adoption)
Leo Strange (Brother, Deceased)

Series Information
First Appeared Season 1, Episode 1
Portrayer Erin Karpluk

Erica Strange (Portrayed by Erin Karpluk) is the protagonist of the series. Trying to pull through a difficult life as patient of a therapist named Dr. Tom she makes a list of regrets, and faces those one by one, by traveling through time.

History Edit

Erica was born in 1976, she was the second to be born and the first daughter. Her older brother Leo was born two years earlier. She was raised into a Jewish community and had her Bat mitzvah at the age of 12, with a Dirty Dancing main theme. Jenny was also invited to this, since she knew Erica from when they where little. Two years after that, Erica started highschool, where she met and became friends with Katie. During highschool Erica had a relationship with Noah, who broke up with her during their highschool's Fall Formal. She also worked at Casa Loma together with Katie. Katie introduced Judith to Erica, who was a new employee there. They hit it off and have been friends ever since. After graduation Erica left for summer break at a lake. Where she lost her virginity to Zach Creed. She started college the same year. Erica met Ethan during college, they where both in the same drama class, Claire was in that class also. Though Erica wanted to date Ethan, Claire got to him first and they have been together until the current storyline. Erica's older brother Leo passed away during this time, when the family went to visit their grandparents house. Erica has regreted this the most, since she couldn't do anything to fix this. After college Erica took a long break and started working at little places, one which happens to be an internet café. Sam and her highschool boyfriend Josh broke up sometime after that, Erica helped Sam during this time. Sam went back to Josh's to get her stuff together with Erica, but faced a black-out. They got invited into someone's appartment and went to party for a while. Josh was also invited and Erica got to talk to him. He told her that he secretly liked her all this time, so decided too date Sam in order to get together with Erica, which obviously failed. Erica was shocked and told him too never tell this too Sam. After that Sam and Josh got to talk and got back together. After that Erica applied for her customer service job and worked there until currently.


Season 1Edit

Walking to her job at a costumor service, Erica thinks about her troublesome life. When she thought she'd hit rock bottom, she gets fired from her job. While walking out in the rain with her friend Judith, they talk about her date that night, Trevor.

That night Erica is looking forward to her date, but unfortunatly he cancels. Just as she is about to head home, it start to rain and she runs to a near by café. They serve her a laté, which has hazelnuts in them, and Erica passes out ending up in the hospital.

When she wakes up, she get's visited from Dr. Tom, who wants to know what happened. Erica explains what happened to her and Dr. tom offer's to help her. Erica tells him she doesn't need help. He tells her to think about it and leaves.

The next day, Erica has brunch with her some of her family and Judith. She tells them about what happened wih her job and Trevor. Her Uncle thinks she needs to get a new job her mother agrees. Josh offers her a therapist, which makes Sam angry. Erica excuses herself and leaves telling them that she knows their dissapointed in her.

She heads over to Dr. Tom's office, who tells her that he will help her solve her problems. Dr. Tom tells her to make a list of all her regret's. He picks one of the regret's 1992 Fall Formal. And she tells him about what happened. Dr. Tom tells her that she really cares about what other people think. And that she has to deceide wether or not she want's to fix her problems. Erica agrees, and jumps back in time to her highschool years.

for the full regret's synopsis:1992 Fall Formal

When returning from the past she finds herself in her appartment, with her mother knocking on the door. She tells her she was worried her father also comes by telling her the same thing. After that Trevor shows up and asks her if they could hava some dinner. Erica agrees at first, but on the second thought she doesn't want to waste her time and leaves. She goes back to where Dr. Tom's office was but it turned into a café. She turns around and sees Dr. Tom standing infront of her. Erica think's he set her up becuase she still failed, Dr. Tom tells her she didn't fail becuase she didn't care what other people thought of her. He then leaves telling her they'll meet again soon.

Erica goes throuh her résumé with the help of Judith. Erica also mentiones that Ethan will visit them from montreal. Erica heads out to drop off her résumés, and meets up with an old classmate of her's Antigone. After that Erica is at her parents place, helping Sam with her weddingdress. Her mother's upset that Erica still hasn't found a job, and when her uncle Joe offers her a job, Erica tells him that she will think about it.

When Erica gets home she meets up with Ethan and they talk for awhile. Erica wonders about his luggage, he tells her he left claire because she cheated on him. Ethan doesn't have anywhere to go, so Erica promises him she'll help find a new place for him.

The next day, Erica starts her job at White Dreams. Her Uncle explains her work and leaves her with a catalog with there collection. She heads for the restroom, but end's up Dr. Tom's office instead. Erica, while still in shock, tells Dr. Tom that she has a ton of questions and wanted to know what happened. Dr. Tom tells her to trust him and that she would explain number 7 on the list, Secret Society. And she does, and like the previous session, jumps back in time.==

for the full regret's synopsis:Secret Society

Season 2Edit


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