After group therapy, Erica follows Adam home, because she wants to talk to him about their kiss. However, Adam is with Beatrice and Erica feels betrayed.
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In 50/50, Erica and Julianne have a meeting with Brent's old friend Jay Manuel. The meeting doesn't go so well, but Brent convinces Jay on keeping his book at 50/50. That has a huge impact on the book industry and authors start trusting Erica and Julianne's company again.

Barbara's oncologist tells her she's cancer free. She decides to tell her family the news at a special dinner with Sam's boyfriend, Lenin. Emotional, Gary tells everyone that he doesn't want to lose Barbara again.

Later, Adam visits Erica at her house and tells her that Beatrice is his wife in the future and that's why he was with her. He couldn't escape it. Erica feels sad about it, but understands him.

The next day, Adam and Beatrice set up a date at Adam's apartment and he feels nervous about it, specially when Beatrice panics over the fear that Adam may not love her already.

Adam is sent back to the past to deal with her mother's unhealthy relationship with him. She was fragile, but used to drink a lot and when she was drunk she blamed him for everything bad that happened to her.

At the end of the session, Dr. Tom hands him, in front of the other patients, a tennis racquet and asks him to hit a table with it, so that he could break a bad pattern. Adam does it and feels vulnerable. Erica quickly gets up of her chair and comforts him. Will that hug mean a new beginning for Erica and Adam?

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